“You bought an RV?” The crazy expression always accompanies this statement.


“Why would you want to drive there, when you can fly?”


“Camping? I don’t do camping!”


“Are you crazy? Why would you want to subject the kids, and yourself, to a long roadtrip?”
These are all very common responses from our friends and family when we told them that we were shopping for an RV a year ago. Ok. I will admit that the idea of camping would have NEVER crossed my mind years ago. I never knew anyone who went camping. Being African-American, it just wasn’t something that people in my community did…at least to my knowledge.


So here we are, fast forward two years and three RV’s later, loving the heck out of the RV lifestyle! How did we get here? Let me explain. About two years ago my husband, Keith, and I made the decision that it was time to leave the beautiful South Florida area and relocate to the greater Atlanta area to be closer to my in-laws. As a former NFL player with the Miami Dolphins, Keith, is blessed with the opportunity to still work for the organization during the football season.

We originally agreed that we would rent an apartment or condo in South Florida so that we would be able to visit and he could return for work without dealing with multiple hotel stays. I will not even mention the numerous reports about nasty hotel rooms and what the black light revealed in them. Yuck!


It was one day that I stumbled upon the show Extreme RVs and the idea hit me! Why don’t we take that money and “invest” it in an RV? I figured that my husband could use it to have a home base in Florida during the football season and when he wasn’t working we could use it for family vacations. Genius, right! I thought so and my husband was able to see the value in it too. However, our family and friends thought it was crazy!


We are now a little over one year into RV ownership and we LOVE it! I am going to just put it out there and boldly proclaim that we have begun a mini RV movement within our family. Since we have purchased our home on wheels my mother has invested in her own Class C “retirement gift” and two of my sister-in-laws and my cousin are currently shopping for their first RV. I guess you can call us pioneers!.

Why do we RV?
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