While recently visiting the Great Smoky Mountains Park (on the NC side), we stopped for lunch before going to explore. We headed down to Bryson city, after finally getting a cell signal, the wife looked up places to eat. She found a highly rated restaurant, Cork & Bean, so we stopped to grab lunch. It was a nice meal. The waitress asked if we were headed to hike in the park. Since we weren’t at that time she asked had we seen the “Road to Nowhere ?” . That got my attention.


She told us the story how they built this tunnel into the Smoky mountain parks, but they never finished it. Find out more about the Road to Nowhere

After learning about the road, I had to take my boys out on an adventure to check it out. We immediately took the directions for the 8-mile drive to the abandoned tunnel, which was quite a reward. The scenery all the way up the mountain was breath taking!

We stopped multiple times by the side of the road to take pictures. I didn’t know what was in store once we reached the end of the road. Once we completed the drive up the mountain we were met with steel barriers which you had to walk around. The tunnel was about 1/10th of a mile further up the road. Once we got closer to the tunnel entrance reality hit my wife, Tia. She was not going into this dark place.  I grabbed the boys hands and we marched on. Tip: bring a flashlight or two if your going in!

We ventured into the dark tunnel hand in hand. Dad, and my three boys under six. They were so excited to be on this “Sims Boys adventure”.

They walked into the darkness, without hesitation, I was so proud of them! Halfway through the tunnel I was getting concerned that the darkness might begin to freak them out. I was wrong, my oldest, KJ, asked for my cell phone. I turned on the light and handed it to him. That’s all we needed to make it through to the other side. We jumped for joy and took a few pictures to remember the journey.

As we left the tunnel all the boys could think about was how they were were going to share this experience with their mom and friends. Before we completely exited the tunnel, I pulled the boys in close to me. We all put our hands in together and chanted our chant, “Sims Boys Adventure…together forever!”.

Even if they don’t remember this moment, I pray that they always remember this feeling.

The Road to Nowhere – a surprisingly fun adventure.
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