It is October and the family is itching to get out for a long weekend to enjoy the great outdoors. So my husband comes to me with this idea that he would like to take the boys out for a “boys only” camping adventure. I must admit that at first, I felt a bit left out. But then the mom in me said, “Are you crazy! This is the break that you have been waiting for!” I love my husband, I love my kids and I adore our time camping but there are times when we as moms just need to take time for ourselves.   

Yes, I admit that I am that mom who feels that nobody can take care of my kids like I do. However, just because my husband doesn’t do things the way I do (sometimes the way he does things makes me want to scream), doesn’t mean that what he does is wrong. So I had to let go and be at peace with the fact that the RV will not be kept like I keep it, the boys routines may be a bit off this weekend and the boys will get much dirtier than I would allow, but they will surely have a blast.  


So it is here that I sit writing this piece, which ironically has become my own mini therapy session. It is quiet, peaceful and reminiscent of a simpler time in my life. I am enjoying the ability to bask in my own thoughts and just being able to hear my own thoughts is a plus.  


However, as much as I am enjoying this time, I am also eagerly awaiting the return of my family. I promise not to ask if the RV was cleaned up, whether the boys were fed the organic foods that I prepared for them or even if all our routines where upheld. I trust that my husband is taking great care of them “daddy style” and that they will always have fond memories of their BOYS ONLY trip. That is enough for me to smile, relax and take another sip.  





“Boys only” RV Weekend – Why am I so Nervous?
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