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If you have read our posts or followed us on Instagram, it should be clear that our family loves the time that we spend traveling in our RV. We love the flexibility that traveling this way offers us and the memories that we are making with our children are priceless. While staying at these beautiful campgrounds our kids are able to run, play and use their imaginations much like kids use to be able to do back when there was no internet, cable TV or video games. It takes us back to a time when families actually spent quality time together, time that was not competing with those outside distractions.

This week however, I came across an article online which reminded me that I must never get so comfortable that I forget that not everyone is as accepting of my families’ presence at the campgrounds.

When we decided to embark on this blogging journey about our families’ travels in our RV, we decided in part that we wanted to educate other minority families about the joys of traveling in this way. We wanted to open the realms of possibility for other minority families to consider this lifestyle. However, with that is the responsibility of disclosing that this country still has not fully joined hands with us around the campfire to sing Kumbaya .

With that said, I will not be swayed from our stance that camping is a wonderful way to travel, educate and spend time together as a family. I will not be made to be fearful and I will not introduce the spirit of fear in our children. I will continue to be careful, knowing that there are more good apples than bad out there. Feedback from our social media presence is proof of that.

I have attached a link to the article below. Please feel free to comment below after you have reviewed the article.


Special Note from Keith – As a Husband and Father, I was angry,  saddened and concerned after reading the above story. This type of situation is what I  fear the most. I will protect my family at all costs. And to think in the year 2015, we still have such idiots out there is shameful. That person who committed this act of terrorism should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. He should be fired from wherever he may work. He should be kicked out of the campground for life.  The family should sue him for millions of dollars. His life should never be the same. He terrified  an entire family. He needs to pay a huge price. We cannot stand for this type of behavior or treatment. I applaud the community for coming together to welcome and support the families return for 2016. A story like this shows me as a country we still have a long way to go. Hearing this story has strengthened our resolve to get out there and make a difference. This is still the greatest country in the world, even though we still have some idiots. Our experience camping has be wonderful. Have we run into some people who aren’t welcoming? Yes. 98 times out of 100, we have been welcomed like any other campers. In this case, the benefits of Rving with our boys far out weighs the concern of running into idiots. I’m calling for all RVer’s to stand up against this type of behavior. 

Camping equality? There are still Mountains to climb…
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