So Thankful That We Discovered RVing… 

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I felt compelled to reflect back on our time as RVers. We have been so blessed to discover the RV lifestyle. Here are five things I’m thankful for since we began RVing.


I am so thankful for the vision of my wife


 Credit really goes to my wife, Tia. She had this dream and desire way before I could have ever imagined it. Tia would, drag me at first, to RV shows to just see what they are all about. Slowly she chipped away at all my excuses. Talk about creativity. When we sold our house, she saw the perfect opportunity to buy our 1st RV to solve our housing needs.


I am so thankful my boys have taken to RV travel…


One of my biggest concerns was being trapped or stuck in such a small space with three young active boys. Now trust me, there is plenty of wrestling and horseplay inside the RV. But our boys have loved traveling and checking out the sights in this country. When we are Rving, the boys spend more time outside in one day, than an entire week at home.


 I am so thankful that campgrounds have been so friendly..


If you have ever looked into the RV lifestyle, you have heard how friendly campgrounds tend to be. Many people talk about how they are the last great American neighborhoods. Places where you can actually let your kids run, play and enjoy the outdoors without the fear. As African-Americans, we were and still are concerned about how we are received when we enter a campground. I am so pleased that what I heard about campgrounds has been true. We have been welcomed and treated with respect. Our kids have never had any trouble making friends with other camper’s children. We have stayed at over 30 different campgrounds from South Florida to South Dakota. In those travels, I can only recall one campground where I didn’t feel welcome with my family. Yes, there are people out there that aren’t excited about families like ours staying in campgrounds.

However, thankfully that is the exception, not the rule.


I am thankful for the friends we have met by Rving


When we decided to get into the Rv lifestyle, we searched out people like ourselves. It was our difficulty in finding other minority families to give us insight into the RV/camping world that became our inspiration for our website, blog and social media accounts.


What we did discover, however, is great families either at campgrounds, via their blogs/podcasts and the people who have reached out to us directly via social media. People like Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi of RVFTA podcast. Not only have they been great encouragers and mentors, we consider them friends. We have camped with them and their kids multiple times and have plans to meet up with them again in 2016. We have also personally met and interacted on social media with minority and multi-cultural RVers, which have been thrilled to see our family promoting this lifestyle to the our community. I cannot tell you how inspiring and encouraging those words have been to our family.


 Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and followed us on social media.


Thank you to the wonderful families that have met us out on the road.


Thank you for welcoming our families in this wonderful lifestyle. We look forward to meeting and chatting with you all.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Soulful RV Family!

So Thankful That We Discovered RVing… 
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