Like most of you, I was thrilled when I heard that Karma was offering a “truly unlimited data” plan for a set low monthly price. We all knew going in there was going to be a catch. The catch was the Karma was using the Sprint LTE network. And we all know the coverage on the Sprint network can be spotty at best. Since we already have a Verizon hotspot(using a grandfather Unlimited data plan), I thought this might be  a great option for a secondary hotspot. I’m always leery of Verizon changing their stance on grandfathered unlimited data plans. I used the coverage app by Technomadia. If you haven’t downloaded it, it’s a must have for all Rvers.

I’ve used the Karma is two states so far, Ga and FL. Both areas fall within the Sprint coverage areas. I’ve had no issue getting on the network. There are surprising limitations with karma. You can only connect 3 devices to your Karma hotspot. And when you want to change devices, you have to manually disconnect one of the connected devices. More of an inconvenience when switching devices. The speed had not been an issue, but Karma has stated their  intentions to slow down high data usage. All in all, I felt like it was a great addition to our RV internet package.  Knowing the limited coverage area, I was happy having a second option for unlimited data while traveling or even at home. That was until I opened my email this morning….

Check out the latest news from Karma below…Needless to say, my view and recommendation has changed😩😩

Based on the latest from Karma, I’m going to be canceling my account. This is not what they advertised and not what I signed up for.  Please share your thoughts. 

Last week we announced that we were testing lower speeds to find a way to reduce strain on Neverstop. At the same time we asked for your input to improve it and have spent the last week analyzing your feedback.
What Happened

We made a mistake. We modeled Neverstop usage to be much higher than usage on Refuel. But we never anticipated that some customers would use over 1,000GB a month.

Some of you asked why we don’t kick off the bad guys. Frankly, we don’t think there are any bad guys. We offered an all-you-can-surf option, and people took us up on it. That’s on us.
But usage this high is not something that will work today.
The other thing made clear in your feedback is that speed is important. Slowing it down was not a good solution, which is understandable.
What’s Next
Getting online with Neverstop should be simple and work well for most use cases. Here’s the update:
  • 5Mbps up and down speeds are coming back
  • Get 15GB of data per month. After this, you’ll still be online but with speeds good enough for emailing and messaging
  • Earn a $1 credit for each unused GB
Beginning today at 10am ET, everyone on Neverstop will get a fresh start at 0GB. Based on current usage, this change will have little to no impact for most of you, while still reducing strain on Neverstop. But, if you’re looking to binge watch Netflix 24/7, this probably isn’t the product for you. If that’s the case, head to our returns page and we’ll take it from there.
Our mission is providing you frictionless internet connectivity. Now it’s our job to continue iterating to make it happen. There’s a lot to be done.
Karma hotspot – 30 days keep or not to keep that is the question..
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