If you have spent any amount of time traveling in your RV, you know that mishaps will occur, accidents will happen, the proverbial other shoe will drop. This story is a cautionary tale. It is one that you have probably heard many times over if you have taken the time to read other RVers blogs, forums or watch their YouTube videos.


NEVER allow yourself to be rushed or distracted while hitching up. And much like our kids… We had to learn the hard way.


It all started as we were having a leisurely breakfast at one of the restaurants on Disney’s Fort Wilderness property on checkout morning. This may have been our first mistake because we should have known that we could not enjoy a breakfast with three small kids and expect to eat ourselves within the hour and a half we had before check out.


Before we knew it, it was five minutes to checkout and we still had not unhooked hoses or run our slides in.   No biggie, right? We enjoyed Disney up to the very last minute…and then some. We are pros at this and were out of the site within 10 minutes flat.


Off to the hitching lane so that we could connect our new Chevy Suburban to the back of our RV. We have done this a million times with the Jeep, so this is clearly old hat…Right? Well, we were second in line at the hitching pull off lane with another 40+ foot RV behind us hanging out into the road. The gentleman must have been in a rush because he asked if we could connect from our position in line. Sure. We are willing to trying to move things along, despite the fact that the Suburban was not perfectly in line with the tow bar. How bad could it be to connect on a bit of an angle? Bad! Real bad.


While the Keith connected all the cables/wires, I attempted to activate the transfer case quickly. Mr. Impatient behind us was tapping his foot and checking on our progress every other second. Once the RV in front of us moved, I became flustered and told Keith that we just need to wait and pull up so that we could start over fresh. My determined hubby wanted to just be done, as he had already hooked up the car (so he thought) and subsequently took over my position on the transfer case. Mr. Impatient had had enough and drove off to hitch up his tow vehicle in the parking lot.


Done. Yes! No… The tow bar would not lock. Move the RV? Push the car back? Start the process over? We eventually tried all those options and finally done…. ready to go. Yes? No… In all of that moving and pushing the steering column locked. If you tow a vehicle you know that the steering must be unlocked or turning will be less than successful for your tow. Well, when you tow a suburban the battery must be disconnected. Long story short…connect the battery, start the engine, unlock the steering column, shut off the engine, disconnect the battery again. READY TO GO! YES!


We made the four-hour drive to our next campground and hunkered down for the night. You may think, hey that wasn’t too bad. Did this really require a blog post? Hold on…there is more.


I have been known to be a bit of a “worry wart”. My hubby is constantly telling me that I must invent things to worry about. My instincts were telling me to double check that tow bar before we set off for our next destination. However, I stopped myself from suggesting it because I knew that my hubby would tell me to stop worrying about nothing.


Ladies, listen to your instincts!


Luckily I was the one driving because the “worry wart” in me constantly checks the monitor for the status of the tow. We were about 2 hours into the drive and the tow appeared to be a little off-center from the RV. Hmphf??? That is odd… No need to panic, it’s probably just me, right? WRONG! The next thing I know the Suburban can be seen from my passenger side mirror. Amazingly, nobody honked or flashed their lights or anything to alert me to the horror that was unfolding behind me.


I was able to safely slow down and get to the shoulder. Keith jumped out and was quickly able to identify the problem. The pin was not securely locked into position at Disney. It was a blessing that we were able to get that far and that the car did not pull completely loose from the RV.


Thank God that nobody was hurt and no real damage was sustained. My heroically calm hubby unhooked the tow and drove it the rest of the way home. There was some minor damage to the exhaust pipe behind our RV. Just another item to add to our repair list but most importantly our family was unharmed.


LESSON LEARNED. May the Lord bless you all with traveling mercies.



Disaster narrowly avoided….LESSON LEARNED
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