My 1st Father-son RV trip, discovering the power of a “do better”

I had  been thinking about a quick Father and son RV trip for awhile. So when my eldest qualified for the FL state HS track meet, I thought why not do it then? The State meet was being held in Bradenton, FL over 500 miles away from our home in the Atlanta area. So I planned a two day trip down to Bradenton for the meet. I was thrilled when my wife Tia, also thought it would be a great bonding opportunity for Keith Jr and myself. I decided to expand the trip by inviting my brother in law and his 7 year old son, Josh. Since Josh and KJ are the same age and take karate together, I thought it would be perfect for them to travel together.

So the trip is all set, then a big concern crept in my mind. As men we tend to have a hard time talking to each other about non “guy things”. You know the typical sports, or tech talk is easy and short lived. I have to admit that I was very concerned about how to pass the eight hours driving in the Rv. What in the world would we talk about? Do I just play music or podcasts the whole way?

No need for my worries, we had plenty to talk about. We talked politics, and who isn’t  these days? The really cool part was we talked about being a Father. We have nine kids between the both of us in two different  waves. We each have two In college and little ones at home. So in essence, God has given us a do over. Maybe a “do better” is a more descriptive way to put it. We talked about our kids and the mistakes we felt we made as Dads. There is no playbook to guide us in what is the toughest job in the world. That’s no disrespect to all the Moms out there. Most of you ladies are Superwoman.

Taking RV trips together, As Fathers and sons, turns out to be a  perfect setting to deepen bonds. We can teach our sons so many lessons about manhood. We get to teach them  things like how to clean the RV, building a campfire, how to cook on the BBQ, being aware of their surroundings and so much more.

IMG_6585Boys need their Fathers to help them become men. They needs us to teach them. They need us to challenge them. They need us to push them, when they don’t even know they can go further. They need us to be there for them They need us to love them.


As Fathers we need to do all those things and find the way to connect with each one of our children in their own individual personalities. RVing has given me another platform to teach and train my young sons so they can be a blessing to their future wives and their community. I better get started planning the next father-son trip!

Happy Father’s Day to All the men our there that cherish their roles and Dads


My 1st Father-son RV trip, discovering the power of a “do better”
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