Have you ever come across something shocking in your travels? I mean something that you least expected and had to do a double take to be sure that you saw what you thought you saw. Well, that is exactly what happened when my friend and I drove by a McDonald’s while our families were RVing in Maine.  

 Having lived in the south for a majority of my life now, I have become very accustomed to McDonald’s offering the McRib sandwich on a seasonal basis. I must say that the McRib is just as odd to me, if not more. I mean, come on, I love a good BBQ sandwich just as much as the next person. But a rib sandwich that is shaped like a small slab of ribs, but despite its appearance is boneless.  


So needless to say I was not prepared to see that Maine has a Lobster Roll featured on their menu. (Insert…. double take) McWhat!?!?


Seeing that I would not be satisfied until I got my hands on one of these McCuriosities…my friend, Crystal, was willing to buy one (let’s call it research) and see what it looked like. Did I mention that we questioned three local residents who were in the vicinity of the Mickey D’s to see if they had ever tried their lobster roll? We received a resounding “NO”. Still not deterred from our mission, we brought the sandwich back to the Soulful RV roaming headquarters to let everyone weigh in on the “lobster roll”.


Our findings:

*Appearance – Everyone agreed that it looked like a legitimate lobster roll.

*Aroma – We all smelled it and all we could smell was the bread. There was no traceable hint of seafood.

*Flavor – This was the most difficult item on our checklist. Nobody wanted to volunteer to try the sandwich. However, after some coaxing/bribing one of the teenagers that were traveling with us decided to throw caution to the wind for the sake of research. The final word…tasteless.


Well, I wish all the best to McDonald’s and their lobster roll. There are just some things that should not be on a fast food chain menu and lobster is one of those things…at least in my humble opinion. What do you think?

Tia, Mom of Soulful RV Family


Mc What??

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