I cannot believe that we have been on the road for six weeks! I was actually surprised as I sat down to write this that so much time has past. Time, can really get away from you on a road trip like this. I’m proud to say that all the planning has paid off. Things have gone very smoothly. Have we had any hiccups? Yes, of course, but what else would you expect on this long of a road trip.

So here’s a quick update on some of the bad, the good, and a few of the surprises we have experienced in the first half of our epic summer adventure.


The Bad…


If your following our trip, I’m sure your have seen the awesome pictures we have posted right? Sometimes we have to hold back on pictures so we don’t offend anyone. No one wants to see pictures from my first black tank disaster. I’ll post a full blog on that later. Just know I’ve learned my lesson. We never thought about how to deal with a major discipline situation while in the RV. It’s a lot harder doling out major punishment when you have 6 people sharing 400 square feet. I sense a good blog post coming with details. Also, we have learned that we aren’t very skilled at dealing with limited hookups. 

Not sure RV’s belong on this bridge
All I can do is smile with these crappy GPS directions
GPS… Don’t get me started. Turned an 150 mile trip into a six hour terror filled trip through every boro of NYC!


The Good…


Wow, where do I start? There has been so much good stuff. We have made so many great family memories. When I look back on where we have been and what we have experienced just in the last 6 weeks I’m shocked. Places in SC – 100 year cover bridge. In NC, the International Civil rights museum, and the Greensboro Children’s museum.

 Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, where I reconnected with my older brother and his family. Boy could I use another cheese steak or some Rita’s water ice. 

Philly cheesestakes !!
let freedom ring at Liberty Bell
enjoying the best water ice.. Rita’s!!

Not to mention the Franklin institute or the Liberty Bell. NJ, where we reconnected with high school friends and got back to our roots. Grandma Daisy still going strong at 94. The Brownstone Diner reminding us why Jersey diners beat all others. In Connecticut, we explored Naval subs and a memorial that honored those who bravely served and lost their lives so we could have freedom. The Cape (Cape Cod to those who haven’t visited this NE gem), welcomed us with some of the best seafood we’ve tasted. Finally our destination at Acadia National Park exceeded our expectations with stunning water views and hikes for all ages. Not to mention amazing weather.



The Surprises…


• Lobster rolls in Cape Cod beat the ones we tried in Maine

Lobster roll anyone?


• Not that many bugs in the upper NE this time of year


• We needed to buy extra jackets while in Maine. The temps dipped into the 50’s some nights.

Coast on Maine


• That TV isn’t really part of our lives during this trip. I didn’t watch a single NBA finals game or playoff game for that matter. And yes, I know the Cavs won the NBA title. Congrats Lebron!




Biggest surprise? Other than missing our extended family, we didn’t miss much else. We can’t wait for what the next 5 weeks has to offer!

off to the next adventure!!


Soulful RV Family

Six weeks down… Time to check-in

3 thoughts on “Six weeks down… Time to check-in

  • July 11, 2016 at 8:52 am

    Sounds wonderful! I always say it only becomes an adventure once something goes wrong!

  • August 3, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    Thanks for sharing! You are living the dream of many of your followers I’m sure! I certainly would love to take an extended trip in my unit…maybe sometime in the future when I don’t have to work to support my “habits”😄. I took a 2 week vacation and stayed at 5 different campgrounds! This was a big thrill for me since I typically only get out for weekends. I look forward to hopefully being able to travel longer a little later in life. In the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through you!

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