Now that the holidays have passed, we wanted to reflect on our first Christmas and New Years in the RV. When we first talked about this idea almost 2 years ago, we were exhausted from hosting another family holiday gathering. So when Tia brought the idea up, I was very open-minded. Here are five tips that will help make your holiday RV travel successful:


1. Pick a location early


Of course the first question was where would we go? Since our boys are still so young, we wanted to make sure it would be a place they would enjoy. So we settled on the most magical place on Earth, Disney world! Fort wilderness is one of the top RV parks in the country. It’s on Disney property, so you get all the benefits of its location.

 There’s so many special experiences just at the campground from Chip-n-Dale sing along campfire, playgrounds & dog park, horse stables, carriage rides , even a beach with boat rentals!


Insider tip – book early! We booked the holiday stay 16 months in advance. If you can’t get reservations, check every week, people are always canceling.

The perfect site in loop 500

Insider Disney tip #2 

We found a wonderful campground, Citrus Valley RV Resort in Clermont. Only 8 miles away from Disney. If you can’t get into Fort wilderness or want and great alternative ( that’s cheaper!) check it out. You can rent spacious sites or even buy and become and owner! 

Citrus Valley RV resort site 112
2. Involve the kids in planning


Once we decided we were going to do the RV trip, we involved the kids and got them excited about being at Disney for the holidays. We explained that there would be no “presents” since Disney was a family gift.

“No presents”, but we couldn’t resist getting the boys new light sabers

Happily, the kids accepted it and embraced it.


3. Make reservations


If you are thinking about Disney for the holidays, remember to research park tickets, dining reservations and special events. Once we knew the number of days we were spending at Disney, we found the best value for our family was to purchase annual passes.

Another perfect day at Epcot!


The extra benefits of an annual pass really worked in our favor for advance planning. We were able to book dinning and even fast passes well in advance.


4. Explore the local area


Disney is a wonderful place, but there’s more to Orlando than just Disney. We took the boys on a huge 4×4 ride through a 2400 acre orange grove.

Now that’s a 4×4 machine!
Insider tip – explore Groupon. We found great local deals on visiting a Orange grove, the Crayola experience and even discounts on lunch at Tom and Chee!

Time to color!!

5. Leave naysayers and stress behind


Well meaning friends and family will pepper you with all the reasons why you should not go away for the holidays. They might even tell you that you are being “unfair” to your kids. Well let me assure you that a holiday RV vacation is not punishment for your kids. Our boys embraced it and completely enjoyed every single experience

Loving this trip!

I know it may be difficult not being part of a family tradition of spending the holidays together. I get that, but the reason we are RVers is to create lifelong memories. How often is the excitement of Christmas replaced by a mounds wrapping paper and soon to be forgotten toys? We didn’t miss the stress for fit lists or mall shopping one bit. We didn’t even decorate our home. Not one light or Christmas ornament. We did talk with our kids about the true meaning of Christmas, And that the birth of Christ is not found at the mall.

Time with my boys…priceless

For our family, this was the perfect Christmas trip. Will we do this every year? Probably not, certainly this type of trip will become part of our holiday traditions. Most of all, we know this holiday RV trip will stay in the memories of our family forever!



Soulful RV Family






5 tips to make your Holiday RV Trip a success
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