Most RV owners are constantly looking to expand the time we use our RV. Campgrounds have done a great job of recognizing this trend and are expanding or creating events around holiday weekends.

But how many of you thought about RVing around Mother’s Day weekend?

Fellas, I’ve found the perfect weekend getaway, Mother’s Day weekend. This weekend is perfect for so many reasons. Let me give you my top five reasons why you need to make sure you are RVing next Mother’s Day.


​1.​Perfect shakedown trip before the big summer – Many of you may have taken your first RV trip before Mother’s Day weekend. But even if you have, it’s a perfect time to take the RV somewhere local and really test all the systems. 

Time to hook up the RV….


This Copilot thing is exhausting

Also use it as a perfect weekend to teach my boys more about the RV set up, connections, and breakdown.

2.​Campgrounds are hosting events this weekend – We typically go to family friendly campgrounds that schedule activities for families. Mother’s Day weekend much of these events are focused around Moms. Our boys get to do crafts or tee shirt painting with the themes around celebrating their mother.

The boys are head over heels with excitement that we are camping!
Mini golf anyone?


We love Jellystone’s and Yogi Bear


3.​Bank some much needed brownie points with you wife. – Maybe that should be number one on the list? Tia, like many mothers out there should walk around with a big “S” on her chest. There’s nothing that she desires or deserves more than some time off from the kids, from her husband, and even the dog. So giving her the weekend without any of those distractions or anyone calling out for her is truly priceless.

4.​ Less crowded then other holiday weekends – You know I’m a big-time planner when it comes to RV trips, but so far I have not had a problem securing pretty good reservations without much lead-time.


Another great site! And it’s level!!!


Soulful RV Family is in the campground!

5.​Pools might be open? – Obviously this one depends on what part of the country you are in. Many campgrounds are now opening their pools either late April or certainly early May. We are definitely seeing a shift from the traditional Memorial Day to Labor Day pool dates. While open pools are a huge bonus, the water may not be very warm this early in the season. 


Getting warm in the sun


The boys love the pool!


That fact never seems to discourage our boys from jumping in!


Guys I guess what I’m saying are you just have to get out and do it. Whatever your motivation, just do it! I promise, with a little planning, you won’t be sorry. So pick one or add your own to my list, but go RVing over Mother’s Day!

Welcome to Jellystone GA


Happy Mother’s day to my lovely wife Tia

You are such a blessing to me and all of our children. You are an incredible wife. A wonderfully loving, caring, and driven Mother. I thank God for you daily. 


Keith Sims

Soulful RV Family


Insider’s tip – Guy’s weekends like this help me bank wife credits so I can enjoy football season without any hassles!

Special thanks to Jellystone in GA. We enjoyed another successful “boys only” weeeknd. 

A Hidden Gem in RVing – Mother’s Day Weekend
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2 thoughts on “A Hidden Gem in RVing – Mother’s Day Weekend

  • May 15, 2017 at 5:56 am

    Aww thats so nice. What a great trip idea, Tia gets a break from it all and you get some quality bonding time with the kids (and the dog). Such a good husband.

    Just remember Gentlemen, if the wife has to go with you its not a break for her!

  • June 7, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Hi! I live in Metro Atlanta and have never heard of JellyStone Park. Thanks for the post and insight. We’re definitely going to check this out.

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