Not your typical RV family.


Not your typical RV family.




Oh…the open road, freedom from everyday life and the call of nature. STOP!!! No, no, no this is not our story! My husband and I, like most African-Americans, have never been camping, nor did we grow up even knowing anyone who went RVing. I am not the outdoorsy (is that really a word?) type, I don’t like bugs and I cringe when my boys get dirty.


So how did we get here? Okay… Let me back up and provide some history.


Who are we? We are a semi-retired couple in our 40’s who share six kids all together which includes an adopted son, Eddie (an adult living outside of the home), Cairo (currently attending college), Storm (17), KJ (6), Jayson (5) and Justin (3). Realistically… much of our travels will only consist of the youngest three children, but hey I always dream of having the whole gang with us.


My husband, Keith, is a retired NFL lineman. For those of you who are not familiar with football my hubby is  6’3”, 300lbs. No little pop-up campers or travel trailers would do for this man. And me? Well, I am not a shorty either at 5’9” and I will certainly not be discussing my weight.


Honestly, we came to this “lifestyle” very much by accident and completely in a moment of desperation.


You see our family relocated from South Florida to the Greater Atlanta area in early 2014. Keith, however, still works part-time in South Florida with the Miami Dolphins five months out of the year. So we found ourselves at that proverbial crossroads. Do we rent an apartment in Florida? Oh what a waste of money! Should we purchase hotel stays? Oh Yuck! Just the thought of him sleeping in those hotel beds makes me think of those news clips with the black light. Nope that will NEVER do. Hey I know…. Let’s purchase an RV! An apartment on wheels. After reading a bunch of blogs, listening to a few podcasts and visiting our local dealerships we jumped into RV ownership headfirst. Our motivation was to avoid throwing money away by “investing” it into something that we could use to vacation with the entire family.






So now we have the RV and all that is left to do is hit the road and break this rig in! I am not sure of my RV terminology yet, but I am ready to learn. This blog will serve as our journal through this wonderland of RVing. The ups and downs… The good times and the not so stellar moments. Come along with us if you dare! This is Soulful RV Family and we will see you on the road.




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