Have you ever just felt your RV call out to you, “Take me out”.

Well, I felt that call this past weekend. I woke up Friday morning and just felt the need to hit the road. I don’t know if it was the campground invite we received earlier in the week or just Spring fever. Either way, I wanted to go somewhere!

Tia and I discussed earlier in the year about taking more last minute trips. We always seem to be traveling outside our state of Georgia, and there is so much to do and explore within this wonderful state. 
So I decided to take advantage of the VIP free weekend at Unicoi Springs RV resort

Free camping, free BBQ lunch, and tons of great outdoor activities spelled out the perfect “boys only” RV weekend!
Doing some quick research, Helen, GA was a short 70 mile drive from our home. There would certainly be plenty to keep the boys busy exploring all weekend long. We picked up my 13 year old nephew to join us for the “boys only” trip. This trip would be our 5 year old, Justin’s first boys trip. All the boys were excited and could not wait to get started. 

So I told Tia she had the weekend off and packed up the boys. We hit the store for some food supplies, stocked the RV, and hit the open road. 
As we climbed into the North Georgia mountains, the boys excitement level began to rise. Once we arrived at the campground, we checked in and headed to our site. Our first challenge: I was missing my back in partner. When we travel Tia and I take turns helping one another back into sites, and this site wasn’t the easiest to back into. I gave JV and KJ the walkie talkies, explained the signals I needed to back up and said a quick prayer. Nothing to worry about the boys did great. They guided me back safely. After a few adjustments, the RV was sitting perfectly in the site. 

A prefect fit!

Tip – make sure to remind the boys how tall the rear of the RV is. Backing up, I noticed the concern on my neighbors face. When I exited to check the spot, I was less than 1 foot from crashing the top of the RV into a tree! No harm done. 

So we hopped in the truck and headed into the town of Helen to explore. Along the way we had to cross the Hooch River, so we stopped to explore. 

We hiked an hour and a half on the trail around the river. The boys found sticks and tried their hands at fishing. 

Note to self – always bring the fishing poles on a boys weekend. 

 Next it was time to get some food. We found easy parking in Helen and plenty of choices for dinner. The boys got their dinner and we enjoyed the perfect weather eating outside. Big scoops of ice cream made the perfect ending to our first night away. 
In the morning after a good breakfast, I packed the boys up to hike to a waterfall. I choose the Anna Ruby Falls for the morning hike. It would be short but challenging. 1/2 mile up a steep paved road. 

Taking a quick break to enjoy the scenery

The boys did great. And getting to the top was worth all my pain I endured on the way up and down      

The view from the top of Anna Ruby Falls

The waterfall was stunning. It was so nice to see the boys really enjoy the beauty that Nature has to offer. 

This waterfall was well worth the pain it took to get to the top..I need some ice bags!!

Back at the campground the boys enjoyed the activity center, mini golf and playground.
 I took part in the campground tour to learn more about Membership. We enjoyed a good BBQ lunch and the boys found some other kids to play with while I settled into a nice comfortable rocking chair on the porch to keep an eye on them. I deserved alittle time to rest! Finally at 7pm it was time to return to the RV for dinner. They had been outside playing for over 10 hours!
Unfortunately thunderstorms ruined the evening and the next day, so we planned to head home in the morning. As we pulled out of the campground, each and every boy expressed their displeasure with leaving so soon. 

A promise was made to them that this would be the first of many getaways for us. But that didn’t even do the trick, we had to take the calendar out and plan the next “boys only” trip. I called the campground and booked a return trip for 3 weeks later. 

Another awesome Father and son getaway!

Maybe this time we will get some tubing or kayaking in as well?

Is your RV calling to you? Time to answer the call…..

Soulful RV Family 

A Quick Weekend Getaway with my boys
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5 thoughts on “A Quick Weekend Getaway with my boys

  • April 25, 2017 at 10:18 am

    I miss those days with my sons. They’re grown up nowand have their lives to live. We don’t have grandkids yet so we are patiently waiting.
    Take every minute that you can to be with your children and when they’re grown up they will take you camping!
    Well done Keith and Tia.
    Toni and Sally Bright

    • April 25, 2017 at 10:21 am

      We are cherishing all these special moments and making memories!

  • April 25, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Very well done Keith, Your story was very inspirational. In today’s time, it is more important then ever for fathers to stand up and be fathers and spend that needed time with their young. I can’t think of a better way to do it, then to spend that time with with them RVing and camping. Our first trip out this season was quick get away to Cape May N.J. KOA and I must say it did my family good. Keep up the good work and look forward to your future blogs.

  • April 30, 2017 at 10:45 am

    Great keeping up with your adventures. Ava hopes to see her friends at the park when you return to your Florida campground. Doug, Sharon, Ava.

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