I would love to say that my boys and my little cousin (who also is living with us) are content with sitting in the house reading books and quietly planning their next Lego monster versus alien masterpiece.

I am sorry to say, but that is far from our reality here at the Soulful RV Family headquarters.  I cannot enumerate the number of times that I have had the boys clean up their Legos, blocks, puzzle pieces and Solar System projects from the playroom floor only to return 20 minutes later to the same mess!  Yes, I realize boys will be boys, but my inner Martha Stewart is screaming.  I really don’t think that you understand my pain.

So when my husband suggested that we take the kids window-shopping at our local dealerships, I was elated.

RV shopping pic1


I believe that the boys love testing out the RV’s just as much as we do, if not more!  As soon as we arrived on the lot they wanted to do some research on the comfort and affordability of the travel trailers.  Well,  really what happened more resembled a mad dash to find the coolest bunkrooms on the lot.

RV shopping pic 2

How about a game of hacky sack-football?  Not really a game, but this is that all-boy imagination at work.  You gotta love it!

RV shopping pic 3


RV shopping pic 4

Oh and did I mention that the boys love to compare the quality and durability of the RV furniture?  That really translates into jumping in and checking out the bunk beds.


All in all we spent a good two hours going through travel trailers, Class A’s and Class C’s.  Yes and before you say anytime we strategically left out the fifth wheelers and Class B’s.  I mean we must save something for next time!  Right!?!


Four Active Boys on an Overcast and Chilly Fall Morning
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