IKEA Bound!!!

Anyone who has ever heard about IKEA knows that it is the place to go for affordable furnishings for your humble abode. However, if you are an RVer and you haven’t found your way into an IKEA yet, I must inform you that you are really missing out! So for all the non-believers out there, I will attempt in the next few moments to lure you into the wonderful world of IKEA. Allow me to share with you the spoils of my last few shopping trips so that you too can fill your tiny space with space-saving, quality items that you simply cannot find anywhere else for the price.

My kids love shopping at IKEA as much as I do!

Confession of the Day…

I am probably one of the biggest IKEA addicts that you will ever meet. At least that is what my hubby would tell you. In my defense, I have always been able to solve any storage problem that we have ever had on the road and in our sticks and bricks home by finding the nearest IKEA. My most recent trip to the blue and yellow maze of happiness is no exception. You will notice that all of the IKEA products have Swedish names, therefore I will attempt to add them in BOLD type whenever possible.

Tip #1 Enroll in the IKEA FAMILY loyalty program. With this program you will receive exclusive discounts and offers. Additionally, you will receive free coffee/tea during every visit. Yes, that means you can get a free caffeine boost before you begin your hunt.

So let’s begin!

The Bathroom

One of the most difficult areas to keep organized at the end of the day has been our bathroom. Many RVers choose not to shower in their RV, rather they take advantage of the comfort stations at the campgrounds. I find it much easier for our family to use our RV bathroom. Now keep in mind I have three little boys and a husband that do not have my sense of organization and neatness. So I feel compelled to make it as easy as possible for them to keep to my standards in this small space.

HOOKS (STUGVIK) – Yes, I know you can find hooks anywhere. Command hooks have become a must have in the RV. However, the IKEA suction hooks have probably the strongest suction for wet towels to hang with no problem. Also, the fact that I can move them as many times as I need to without having to buy more command sticky tape. I have these STUGVIK hooks in my sticks and bricks, however I haven’t purchased them for the RV yet.

TOWELS/WASHCLOTHS(FRÄJEN) – How do I ensure that the towels do not fall of the hooks every time someone walks by them or in transit? IKEA also sells towels and washcloths that have loops sewn in for ease of hanging everything securely. Now that is what I call foolproof! (I am in no way calling my family fools.)


SHOWER STORAGE(LÅDDEN) – My husband actually complained that the bar soap was being left on the shower floor because there is no place to store it in our shower. Of course my first response was to go to IKEA. I found many options, but my favorite was this suction cup rack that I could store bar soap, my razor, and cleaning wand in. The bonus in this package was an hourglass timer that also is attached by suction to the shower wall. The kids love this because they don’t have to guess when it is time to get out of the shower. I also love it because I don’t need to remind them. *I have it placed outside of the shower door so they can’t cheat and restart it.



The kitchen is the next area that IKEA has helped me with. Like most people, when we first began to RV, we used the older pots and pans from our sticks and bricks home to stock the kitchen. Over time we have had to find other options, either due to the size of the pots taking up too much space or because of our current RV having an induction stove top. (Not all pans will work on the induction top)

POTS(IKEA 365+) – When I saw this set of pots, I immediately fell in love with them. They are so sleek and beautiful…as far as pots can be beautiful. The advantage of these pots for RVers is that they nest and they serve many purposes. Remember that I have a family of boys and they love to eat pasta. I found a decent sized stockpot and strainer and those nests perfectly in the pot.


The strainer(STABIL) also alleviates my need for the old strainer that I had. I also saw a steamer that nests in the pot and strainer. The pot came with a beautiful glass lid. I can just envision making a big pot of pasta for the boys and steaming some fresh veggies all from one pot and one burner. #Winning


LIDS(KLOCKREN) – Now I know you are probably wondering why I would want glass lids in the RV? Of course, I cannot argue that point. Especially since my hubby has already broken one of the lids. IKEA has a solution for that too. They have a set of three silicon lids that will fit any pot or pan that you have in your RV. The biggest perk is that they take up little to no space.



KIDS(MÅLA) – If you have little ones that like to draw, this next item is for you. This paper roll has been a favorite of our boys in our stick and brick home, so we had to find a way to add it to our home on wheels. This tabletop paper holder cost about $8 and it is made of wood. I have used command strips to secure it to the dinette table. Our boys use it to draw, for homeschool work, and for developing their own games while traveling to our next campsite.



This was just a small sampling of what I have found at IKEA. I have already made my list of must haves for my next shopping trip.

Stay tuned…

Tia Sims – Soulful RV Family Mom

***Head over to our YouTube page to watch our IKEA RV Haul video for more ideas.

***Final Note – In January 2018 the founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, passed away at the age of 91. Our condolences to his family and friends, may he rest in peace.

Is IKEA the Store for RVers?
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