When is an RV show not just an RV show? For our family it has to be the Florida RV Super Show. We first attended three years ago and were blown away at the size and scope of the show. It just wasn’t a show; it was more like an event. Since then we’ve made it the launch point RV travel each year. This 2018 show was bigger and better than we have ever experienced. Quick facts: 26 acres filled with over 1500 new RV’s. There were multiple vendor halls with over 440 vendors.

There were daily seminars from tire safety to van life. Did I mention the entertainment? It seemed this year, everywhere you turned there was something or someone whose job it was to make us smile and have a good time. We all have heard the stories about the RV business booming, right? Well, at the Tampa RV show you could feel the energy and the excitement.

While there are lots of bloggers and You Tubers posting their reviews; we wanted to give you our unique perspective on what it was like attending the 2018 Florida RV Super Show.

Let’s tackle something that’s on our hearts and minds, Diversity – what’s the hottest word in the RV industry? Millennial. The average age of the RV buyer continues to drop at a rapid pace.

We were pleasantly surprised to see so many younger folks out RV shopping. Not only did we observe younger RV shoppers, but also we saw many families with young children and many more minorities.

We were so excited to meet mostly, for the first time a few of her followers. To us it’s a great encouragement that our voice and message is resonating with people who have the same wants and desires to get out and enjoy the RV lifestyle.

And let’s face it; it’s really nice to see more faces that look like ours in the crowds.

Particularly in today’s political climate, we really didn’t hear or feel any of the tensions currently in our society.

Okay, now to get off our soapbox and back to the RV show! Here are our favorite things we loved about the 2018 Florida RV Super Show.

Onsite Camping & RV Rallies

It’s a huge bonus to have the ability to camp right onsite of the show. There are typically limited hookups (they go fast) and lots of dry camping. We have found it takes the “rush” out of getting to and from the show completely away.

There were Rallies at every turn. Newmar has a rally, Prevost has a rally, and Forest River has a rally and many more. This year the Newmar rally has over 190 RV’s paid to attend.

Q and A at Newmar rally

It’s such a great place to meet other owners and socialize. We have learned many valuable tips and tricks at this rally.

The Entertainment

The Tampa RV show does a great job of having different types of entertainment throughout the show grounds. Kids always love Magic Mike and his magic tricks.

There are barbershop quartets, Scottish bagpipes, and other musical groups. Even the plants might surprise you with a joke or two.

Manufacturers Reps

Most RV shows will have salesman from dealerships to answer questions relative to their RV’s. The Tampa show is a big deal; so you get reps directly from the manufacturers to help would be buyers. To us having this level of interaction direct from the manufacturer is huge.

Not only are you able to get a manufacturer contact, but also typically they will have a wider deeper knowledge of the company’s RV’s for sale. It’s also great to offer suggestions for future changes or upgrades.

The Location and Weather

We have made the Tampa show kind of our kickoff for the new RVing season. With our kids’ love of Disney, we will piggyback a Disney trip as a reward for the show. Tampa also has a wonderful science center, MOSI.

Our boys like spending an entire day exploring the exhibits. For most of the country this winter has delivered some brutal winter storms.

What about the weather you say? The January Florida weather is typically a wonderful reprieve. For this year’s Tampa show, the weather dropped into some near record lows.

We used the early morning chill to our advantage by dressing for the dip in temperatures, we enjoyed a less crowded show in the mornings and took advantage to spend extra time on a few rigs, but on the weekend the weather was perfect.

Soulful recap….

2018 was another incredible experience at the Florida RV show. We loved our time so much we have already put the 2019 RV show on our calendar, and don’t worry if you missed this year’s show, simply add the show to your calendar now.

Next year’s date is Jan 16th-20th 2019. Click here to see the countdown clock. Sometimes it’s sad to say goodbye, so I will just say see you next year at the show.

Safe travels,

Keith & Tia Sims – Soulful RV family

Soulful Recap of 2018 Florida RV Super Show

4 thoughts on “Soulful Recap of 2018 Florida RV Super Show

  • February 4, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Omg, we were there two. We actually blogged about it (https://thomas6travels.wordpress.com/2018/01/20/floridaforty-day-25-winter-haven-to-clearwater/) while we were in the midst of a forty day trip through Florida. #FloridaForty. Like you all, we are a black family, who homeschools and RVs. We also ride Harleys. (We love being the different family). We reside in Georgia, but spend about 125-150 days on the road a year. Our blog is, as above, Thomas6travels.wordpress.com. Somehow, I’d love to connect with y’all!!

    • February 4, 2018 at 5:24 pm

      We have to connect! We are based in GA as well. Sadly, my wife made me sell my Harley’s before we bought the RV. Let’s connect for sure

  • February 15, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    Good talking with you at the Rally. Safe journey and see you on the road soon. Great picture.


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